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Day: <span>June 17, 2022</span>

Plane located in Laurel Hill after responding to mayday call, official confirms

Crews located the aircraft just before 3 p. m. , Friday, on Silver Hill Road near Monroe Road in Laurel Hill, according to Capt. Randy Dover with the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office. Dover said no one was hurt. He added they responded to a mayday call. A member of the search team said the pilot and one other person were on the plane and that the aircraft had engine problems. TRENDING: ‘Purple Heroin’ leads overdose deaths, Florence Co.

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Why the judge ordered an eye inspection on the plane held in Ezeiza

This Thursday, federal judge Federico Villena ordered an eye inspection aircraft held in Ezeiza. sources confirmed to TN that the measure had started yesterday, but was later suspended. They will also check the box to look up aircraft and flight information. The objective is to verify if the transponder was turned off at some point […]

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