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Day: <span>June 11, 2022</span>

Y-9JB: China’s Not-So-Secret Spy Plane

When it is time to do a spying, snooping, and jamming job from the air, China relies on the Shaanxi Y-9JB electronic intelligence airplane. The Y-9JB is the top platform that conducts electronic warfare and helps monitor air traffic when Chinese fighters and bombers take to the sky. The Y-9JB also has the ability to fly with reconnaissance drones […]

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Authorities Investigate Small Plane Crash in Middleborough

Police and Fire Departments responded to an ultralight aircraft that crashed into a wooded area near a bog Saturday in Middleborough, Massachusetts. Authorities responded to a report of a plane crash in the area of 200 Thomas Street. The pilot, a 66 year old man from Plymouth, was already outside the aircraft and unhurt when the authorities reached the area. He…

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Plane narrowly misses accident at Lahore airport

A Dubai-bound flight on Saturday narrowly missed an accident soon after leaving the Lahore airport after a bird hit it.According to details, the bird hit the plane soon after it took off from the Lahore airport. “The plane was at an altitude of 900-f

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