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Day: <span>May 25, 2022</span>

Family Finds Plane Wreck After Search Called Off – AVweb

A month after authorities called off the search, family members of one of the pilots of an aircraft that went missing in Ontario have found the wreckage. Brian Slingerland’s family chartered a plane and spent most of last Saturday searching an area near the last known position of the Piper Comanche Slingerland and his friend […]

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Iraqi boy eludes security to board plane

NAJAF, Iraq: Iraqi aviation authorities have been left red-faced after a 10-year-old boy on his own boarded an Iran-bound plane from a busy airport in a shrine city after several security checks….

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X-29: The ‘Backwards’ Plane That Broke All the Rules

The Grumman (now Northrup Grumman, most famous for being the manufacturer of the F-14 Tomcat) X-29 is one of the more obscure experimental aircraft in aviation history that failed to make it past the testing phase, ergo nowhere near famous as other weapons ending in “29,” such as the B-29 Superfortress or Dirty Harry’s Smith […]

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