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Day: <span>May 23, 2022</span>

Meet the Grumman X-29: The Experimental ‘Backwards’ Plane

To say the Grumman X-29 has a unique appearance is a true understatement. Developed as a technology demonstrator in the latter years of the Cold War in the 1980s, it featured forward-swept wings – almost to the point that it looks as if its wings were put on backward. Yet, the concept wasn’t entirely new, as […]

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Low flying plane captures attention of Lehigh Acres neighborhood

A low-flying plane rattles people in one Southwest Florida neighborhood. It turns out that the plane belongs to Lee County Mosquito Control and was doing pest control testing. When Wilberson Vilsaint shot the video of the plane flying low, he said he worried that the plane was flying too close to the ground. “Just a […]

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BREAKING: 2 Rafale Fighters Collide Mid-Air During Airshow; Second Accident Of Dassault Jets Reported In 2022

Two Rafale fighters of the French Air Force were involved in a minor mid-air collision on Sunday but managed to land safely. The indent happened during the Cognac airshow in the commune of Chateaubernard. Artificial Sun: China Claims Designing World’s 1st Power Plant That Can Convert Nuclear Fusion Energy Into Electricity Colonel Nicholas Liot, commander […]

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