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Day: <span>May 21, 2022</span>

Tourist plane crash kills five in France

LYON: Five people, including four members of the same family, were killed in a tourist plane crash in the French Alps on Saturday, rescue services said.The accident happened in the afternoon shortly…

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Trump’s Two Air Force One Planes Will Be Delivered (Late) In 2024

In 2018, President Donald Trump struck a $3.9 billion deal with plane manufacturer Boeing for the development and manufacture of two brand new Air Force One planes. Trump requested that the aircraft be ready for 2021, but on Thursday, the expected delivery date for the new planes moved to possibly 2024. Andrew Hunter, the assistant […]

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SR-71: The Air Force’s Unreplaceable Mach 3 Spy Plane (Pictures)

There was nothing like the SR-71 – and much digital ink to this day is spilled with analysis on what could someday replace it: When the Soviet Union shot down Gary Power’s U-2 high-altitude reconnaissance plane in 1960, the US recognized an urgent need for a more elusive spy plane. The incident, which underscored the […]

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A-12 Oxcart: The CIA’s Mach 3.3 Spy Plane Was a Speed Demon

A-12 Oxcart – Yes, the CIA Had Its Very Own SR-71 Spy Plane – When CIA planners decided to update their aerial reconnaissance abilities, and replace the slow, vulnerable U-2 Dragon Lady, an advisory committee was formed to study proposed replacements. The committee, known as Project Gusto, considered two separate proposals: the delta-winged Convair Kingfish; […]

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