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Day: <span>May 7, 2022</span>


The authorities should take a close look at matters of airworthiness and the accountability of those entrusted with scheduled maintenance for aircraft Two pilots reportedly on a training mission di…

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Alaska Airlines Reveals New Star Wars Themed Plane

In celebration of May the Fourth, or Star Wars Day, Alaska Airlines joined forces with the Disneyland Resort to launch a special-Star Wars edition aircraft with truly out-of-this-world details and design. That’s the inspiration the Seattle-based airline had in mind when creating the newest livery to come out of the hangar, which debuted Wednesday as part of…

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On this Date

May 7, 1918: The Curtiss 18T, unofficially known as the Wasp and by the United States Navy as the Kirkham, made its first flight. It was an early Americ

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