Viral Video Pilot’s Engagement Cut Short in Cachoeira do Sul

Friday, January 31, 2014
By George Hatcher

Last month, Arthur Demetrio must have been full of hope and good news when he took his girlfriend Thays Pereira da Cruz flying, and asked her to marry him by having his parents hold up banners saying “Thays Marry me” in an airfield in Cachoeira do Sul Brazil.

See the proposal here

I wish this were the end of the story.

This Wednesday, Demetrio spoke to his fiancée Thays on the phone.
Later that day, his Cessna 140 aircraft was flying out of the airfield where he proposed.

He crashed in Cachoeira do Sul.

His student Darlan Kabata dos Santos, 31, and he both died. There was almost no warning, though Demetrio had time to tell ATC he was having plane trouble, something about the elevator, which controls the nose of the plane.

Officials informed his fiancée; she was the first to know. The family is devastated.

Arthur Demetrio will be buried in Santa Catarina, where he is from.

The accident is under investigation.

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