Venezuela Crash: 17 Dead

Tuesday, September 14, 2010
By George Hatcher


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What: Conviasa Aerospatiale ATR-42-300 en route from Puerto Ordaz to Porlamor Venezuela
Where: Puerto Ordaz
When: Sep 13 2010
Who: 51 aboard, 15 fatalities, 36 passengers and crew survived
Why: After takeoff while 10 miles from Manuel Piar International Airport, the crew experienced “control problems” requiring a return to the airport. Between the Caribbean island of Margarita and Puerto Ordaz, the plane crashed. 36 survivors were recovered from the wreckage and taken to hospitals and the remains of 2 were recovered.

As of Sept 18, the number of dead has risen to 17. Conviasa is suspending flights for two weeks for safety assessments.

The pilot was Conviasa Ramiro Cardenas.

The plane crashed in the Sidor Steel Mill junkyard/storage area amid heaps and barrels of unused steel.

While attempting an emergency landing, the plane became entangled with electrical wires and crashed.

Current reports indicate 23 survivors. We will be updating as we hear news.

Bolivar State Governor Francisco Rangel Gomez gas opened the following number for family members:
0800-BOLIVAR / 0800-2654827 for more information on passengers

Preliminary survivor list Unconfirmed

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