Ural Airlines Emergency Landing in Kazan

Friday, January 25, 2013
By George Hatcher

On Jan 25, 2013, a Ural Airlines Airbus A321-211 with 220 aboard was en route from Sharm el-Sheikh to Kazan Russia.

On approach to Kazan in poor visibility at 3:40 am local time, the first landing approach was aborted, and the rear fuselage of the plane struck an antenna. There is also a mention of an on board system failure.

Pilots made a safe landing on the next approach in spite of damage the rear fuselage contact area and brake line. We have heard of no reported injuries.

The investigation is underway.

The official report is below. Please pardon the translation.

Information on the incident at the international airport “Kazan”
As reported in “Ural Airlines”, January 25, 2013 in “Ural Airlines” incident occurred. Performing flight U6-3045, Sharm el-Sheikh on the Kazan aircraft A321, during the approach to landing in bad weather in the automatic mode (the height of the clouds 30 meters visibility – 800 meters) at the exit from the clouds of the crew determined neposadochnoe position of the aircraft. The pilots decided to execute a missed approach. When a missed approach was touching the fuselage antenna localizer radio beacon. Re-entry is made without comment, the crew and passengers were not injured.

To investigate the causes of the incident, a commission. For the flight U6-3046 Kazan-Sharm El-Sheikh directed backup aircraft.

According to the press service of the airport “Kazan”, in connection with an event, delayed departure flight U6-3046 airline “Ural Airlines” Kazan-Sharm El-Sheikh. Passengers (203) have been registered and are in the sterile area of ??departure. They provided food and refreshments. Reserve board arrived in Yekaterinburg at 09:24 Moscow time. After preparing the aircraft for flight, aircraft will fly to destination, estimated it will happen at 10:15 MSK 25.01.2013.

Airport “Kazan” is working normally.

src: http://www.16.mchs.gov.ru/news/detail.php?news=27991

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