Update: Aerocon Found in Bolivian Amazon Jungle, One Survivor

Saturday, September 10, 2011
By George Hatcher

One of the SA-227’s in the Aerocon fleet.
CP-2548 is missing. (CP-2527 is pictured )

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Minor Vidal, the sole survivor was found in the Amazon jungle. Minor said “I did not eat anything, nothing, just drank my urine when I was thirsty. The first night I slept on the plane and two nights in the jungle. I did not understand why the plane was flying so low. Then there was a heavy blow. I do not remember more. When I awoke, I saw the airplane game, could not move. I stayed in my seat, I was in the back of the plane. The next day [Wednesday], I went and did my blood with an arrow on a shirt to get me. They were all dead. I walked day and night to be found by the patrol.”

Colombian Oscar Valencia, the William Lara Ecuador and Bolivian indigenous leader Eddy Martinez died in the crash.
What: Aerocon Swearingen SA-227 Metroliner en route from Santa Cruz to Trinidad Bolivia
Where: Trinidad
When: Sep 6th 2011
Who: 7 passengers, 2 crew
Why: On final approach to Trinidad, the pilots lost contact with ATC.
The instrument approach to the airport requires overflying North and then turning back. (See the airport chart below.)

The last contact was reporting the flight was “in the procedure turn” but the flight did not land on the runway, and went missing in a mountainous area.

Rescuers reached the crash site in the afternoon of Sept 8 and confirmed that there were survivors.

The wreckage of the plane was located 30km north-east of the city of Trinidad, in the Amazon jungle province of Beni. Chacon reported on thursday that a helicopter crew had seen the plane “completely destroyed” in a difficult-to-reach jungle region.

Six bodies were recoverable immediately when the wreckage was found. Two bodies trapped in the wreckage required rescue teams and equipment.

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