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Air India Plane Over-runs Runway in India

By George Hatcher

Air India flight AI-849 made a safe emergency landing at Pune Airport, Maharashtra, India, on May 12th. The Airbus A321-200 flying from Delhi, India, had landed safely but it over-ran the end of runway. The passengers were evacuated via slides. All 152 people aboard remained safe. Download article as PDF »

Copa Airlines Flight Rejects Take Off from Santa Clara, Cuba

By George Hatcher

Copa Airlines flight CM-238 had to reject take off from Santa Clara, Cuba, on December 11th. The plane was accelerating to take off for Panama City, Panama, when its left. engine emitted a loud bang and smoke was noticed in the cabin. The crew subsequently rejected take off and deployed slides for an emergency... »

AA Plane Catches Fire at O’Hare International Airport; 8 Injured

By George Hatcher

American Airlines flight AA-383 had to reject take off from O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois, on October 28th. The Boeing 767-300 plane was accelerating to take off for Miami, Florida, when it caught fire, prompting the crew to reject take off. The passengers were evacuated through slides. Eight people, including 7 passengers and... »

American Airlines Rejects Takeoff in Florida after Fuel Leak; 24 Injured

By George Hatcher

American Airlines flight AA-1822 had to reject takeoff at Palm Beach International Airport, West Palm Beach, Florida, on July 21st. The Airbus A320-200 was taking off for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when the crew reported a fuel leakage. The flight was cancelled. The passengers were disembarked via slides. A flight attendant and 23 passengers complained about... »

Peruvian Airlines Plane Makes Hard Landing in Peru

By George Hatcher

Peruvian Airlines flight P9-216 had to make a hard landing at Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport, Cusco, Peru, on October 23rd. The Boeing 737-300 flying from Lima, Peru, right side gear collapsed, leaving it disabled on the runway. The passengers were evacuated via slides. Everyone aboard remained safe. Download article as PDF »

Allegiant Air Allegedly Fires Pilot for Making Emergency Landing

By George Hatcher

A pilot’s union claims that the pilot of the Allegiant Air flight 864 that made an emergency landing at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport, Florida, on June 8 has been fired. The pilot decided to make an emergency landing due to reports of smoke in the Maryland-bound aircraft’s cabin. Four passengers and a crew member... »

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    about 9 hours ago
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    about 9 hours ago
  • Air Canada Flight Returns to Dublin due to Mechanical Issue https://t.co/aVVnKD7HUN
    about 10 hours ago
  • Solaseed Air Flight Makes Emergency Landing due to Flaps Problem https://t.co/9HWSXgqL90
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