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British Airways Flight Makes Emergency Landing at London City Airport

By George Hatcher

British Airways flight BA-4454 had to make an emergency landing at London City Airport, England, on February 17th. The plane flying from Rotterdam, Netherlands, was descending toward London City Airport when the crew reported smell of smoke on-board and declared an emergency. The plane continued for a safe landing. Everyone aboard remained unharmed. Download... »

Transavia Airlines Plane Diverts to Amsterdam After Bird Strike

By George Hatcher

Transavia Airlines flight HV-5021 had to divert and make an unscheduled landing in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on September 21st. The plane was heading from Rotterdam, Netherlands, to Malaga, Spain, when a bird hit it, causing engine vibrations that prompted the crew to divert to Amsterdam. The plane landed safely. All passengers and crew members remained... »

Passengers Jump out as Loganair Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Netherlands

By George Hatcher

A Loganair charter flight had to return and make an emergency landing at Rotterdam The Hague Airport in the Netherlands on September 30. The Saab 340 aircraft, carrying 17 passengers, departed for Aberdeen, Scotland, but had to turn back shortly afterwards due to a hydraulic leak. Passengers reported seeing red fluid leaking out from... »

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