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Bird-Hit Saudi Arabian Airlines Plane Makes Safe Landing in Cairo

By George Hatcher

Saudi Arabian Airlines flight SV-311 made a safe landing following a bird strike in Cairo, Egypt, on June 30th. The Airbus A330-300 plane flying from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was on final approach to Cairo when a bird hit it. The plane continued for a safe landing. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed. The... »

Bird-Hit Avianca Brazil Airlines Flight Safely Lands in Rio de Janeiro

By George Hatcher

Avianca Brazil Airlines flight O6-6235 made a safe landing after a bird strike in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on November 10th. The Airbus A318-100 plane was flying from Brasilia, Brazil, when a vulture hit it, damaging the radome. The plane continued for a safe landing. All passengers and crew members remained safe. Download article... »

Bird-Hit AA Plane Makes Safe Landing in New Orleans

By George Hatcher

American Airlines flight AA-2386 had to make an emergency landing in New Orleans, Louisiana, on April 8th. The plane was flying from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport when a bird hit it, prompting the pilots to declare an emergency. The plane landed safely. No injuries were reported. The aircraft’s radome was damaged due to bird... »

Turkish Airlines Plane Makes Safe Landing in Istanbul after Bird Strike

By George Hatcher

THY Turkish Airlines flight TK-709 made a safe landing at Ataturk International Airport, Istanbul, Turkey, on March 13. The Boeing 737-800, flying from Karachi, Pakistan, to Istanbul was on approach to the runway when it ingested a bird, causing damage to the radome. The plane landed safely. All passengers on board remained unhurt. Download... »

Vietjet Plane Makes Safe Landing at Noi Bai Airport after Bird Strike

By George Hatcher

Vietjet flight VJ-496 made a safe landing at Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi, Vietnam, on September 30. The Airbus A320-200, flying from Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam, to Hanoi, was hit by a bird upon approaching the runway. The aircraft’s weather radar sustained damage while its radome was also reshaped due to the bird strike.... »

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