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Westchester County Police Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing in New Jersey

By George Hatcher

A Westchester County police helicopter made an emergency landing in Alpine, New Jersey, on September 28th. The helicopter was participating in a search operation with the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police when the pilot smelled smoke and decided to make an emergency landing. The aircraft landed in a parking lot at State Line Lookout. No... »

CargoLogicAir Plane Drops Flap Track Fairing Near Munich

By George Hatcher

CargoLogicAir flight CLU-473 dropped a flap track fairing near Munich, Germany, on May 19th. The Boeing 747-400 plane flying from Frankfurt, Germany, was on approach to Munich when a flap track fairing from the right wing fell off. The plane continued for a safe landing. The fairing part was later recovered by the local... »

Small Plane Crashed in Florida; Pilot Killed

By George Hatcher

A single-engine plane made a crash landing at St. Pete–Clearwater International Airport, Clearwater, Florida, at around 7:30 p.m. on May 5th. The 44-year old pilot James Fink from Rhode Island was killed in the accident. The airport authorities informed the police after hearing the crash sound. The FAA is investigating the incident. Download article... »

Four Killed After Police Helicopter Crashes in Mexico

By George Hatcher

A police helicopter crashed in the hills near Mexicali, in the state of Baja California, Mexico, on March 14th. The state police helicopter was on a mission to recover the body of a female hiker when it got tangled in power cables and went down. Four people were killed in the crash, including the... »

Plane Carrying Colombia’s Interior Minister Crash-Lands in Bogota

By George Hatcher

A plane crash-landed at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, Colombia, on October 28th. The Anti-Narcotics Police aircraft carrying 10 people, including Colombia’s interior minister Juan Fernando Cristo, was attempting to land at the airport when its landing gear failed. Everyone aboard remained safe. The plane was returning from Pereira, Colombia, at the time.... »

Suspicious Man Rams Pickup Truck into Southwest Plane in Nebraska

By George Hatcher

A man wearing boxers scaled a fence and rammed into a pickup truck into a Southwest airplane at Eppley Airfield, Omaha, Nebraska, on August 25th. The aircraft was bound for Denver, Colorado, when the man drove the truck and rammed it into the plane’s nose gear. Two crew members and one passenger sustained minor... »

Four Killed as Police Helicopter Crashes in France

By George Hatcher

A police helicopter crashed in a ski resort in Cauterets, Hautes-Pyrenees, France, on May 20th. The helicopter, that took off from Laloubere, France, was making an emergency landing when it crashed into a rock face. All four police officers aboard were killed in the crash. Authorities said an equipment failure had prompted the decision... »

Two French Filmmakers Killed as Small Plane Crashes in Kenya

By George Hatcher

A small plane crashed in the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya, on March 14th. According to local police chief Jackson Mulupi, “We received a phone call from one of the conservancy members that there was an airplane crash within Sera conservancy. I mobilised officers from Sorilibi and Wamba. We rushed to the scene whereby... »

EasyJet Flight Makes Emergency Landing after Drunk Passenger Tries to Open Door Mid-Air

By George Hatcher

EasyJet flight EZY8896 had to make an emergency landing in Bordeaux, France, on March 7th. The Airbus A320, heading from Marrakesh, Morocco, to Gatwick Airport, United Kingdom, had to be diverted after a drunk male passenger tried to open an emergency door mid-air. The plane landed safely. The man was escorted out of the... »

Ryanair Flight Diverts to Berlin due to Disruptive Passengers

By George Hatcher

A Ryanair flight had to divert and make an emergency landing at Berlin Schonefeld Airport, Germany, on February 26th. The plane, heading from London Luton Airport in Bedfordshire, England, to Bratislava, Slovakia, was diverted after six drunk passengers became aggressive mid-flight. The six men were a part of 12-man stag party group from Southampton,... »

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