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Female Chinese Fighter Pilot Dies in Plane Crash

By George Hatcher

A Chinese fighter plane crashed near Tangshan in Hebei, China, on November 12th. The aircraft, piloted by one of the first female fighter pilots in the country, was participating in a routine training exercise when it went down. The pilot Yu Xu, 30, was killed in the crash while her co-pilot was able to... »

Pilot Survives Small Plane Crash in New Mexico after Engine Glitch

By George Hatcher

A small plane crashed in a farmland in Bloomfield, New Mexico, on the morning of October 28th. The Cirrus SR22 encountered engine malfunction mid-air and crashed shortly afterward. The pilot, who was the only person onboard, rescued himself through a parachute and escaped without injuries. The crash remains under investigation. Download article as PDF »

Military Plane Crashed in Ecuador; 22 Killed

By George Hatcher

A military plane crashed in Pastaza province of Ecuador, on March 15th. Authorities said the Israeli-made Arava cargo plane was transporting 19 soldiers for a parachuting training when it went down in the Amazon region. There were 22 people aboard at the time, including the soldiers, two pilots, and one mechanic; all of them... »

Small Plane Crash-Lands in Hauppauge

By George Hatcher

A Cirrus SR22 plane crash-landed in an industrial park in Hauppauge, New York, on March 5th. The plane was en-route to Republic Airport, Farmingdale, when it developed some engine issues. Authorities said the parachute attached to the plane deployed before it went down in a grassy area, just 8 miles east of Republic Airport.... »

Small Plane Lands in Emergency in a Davidson County Field

By George Hatcher

A small Cirrus SR22 plane made an emergency landing in a field near Jerusalem and Hunter Creek roads in Davidson County, North Carolina, at around 6:25 a.m. on October 22. The plane was on its way from Monroe to Greensboro when it started facing engine problems near High Rock Lake. According to the troopers,... »

Cirrus Aircraft Makes Parachute Landing in Blue Mountains, NSW

By George Hatcher

The male pilot of the Cirrus SR22 aircraft landed the plane with a parachute in the yard of a house at Lawson, Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia, at 2.10pm on May 10. The pilot deployed the parachute of the aircraft at 1300 meters due to reasons not yet known. He successfully avoided... »

Aerobatic Stunt Pilot Survives Fiery Plane Crash

By George Hatcher

On Friday, April 18th 2014, Dan Marcotte, an experienced aerobatic stunt pilot survived a fiery plane crash by parachuting out of his single-passenger plane. The plane bursted into flames and crashed on interstate 89 near Burlington, Vermont, moments after he jumped out. Hearing the explosion, the fire fighters rushed to scene and found Marcotte’s... »

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