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Asiana Airlines Flight Diverts to Jeju Island Due to Cargo Smoke Indication

By George Hatcher

Asiana Airlines flight OZ-707 had to make an emergency landing in Jeju Island, South Korea, on January 5th. The Airbus A321-200 plane flying from Seoul, South Korea, to Angeles, Philippines, was diverted due to a cargo smoke indication. The plane landed uneventfully. There were 166 passengers and 8 crew members aboard at the time;... »

Korean Air Plane’s Tyres Deflate during Roll out in South Korea

By George Hatcher

Korean Air flight KE-718’s both nose tyres deflated after landing at Jeju International Airport, Jeju City, South Korea, on July 29th. The Boeing 737-900 flying from Tokyo, Japan, had landed on Jeju’s runway when the incident occurred. All 148 passengers onboard disembarked safely. The aircraft is still on the ground since the occurrence. Download... »

Air Busan Plane Diverts and Makes Emergency Landing in South Korea

By George Hatcher

Air Busan plane had to divert and make an emergency landing at Jeju International Airport, Jeju, South Korea, on April 2nd. The Airbus A321-200, en-route from Busan, South Korea to Cambodia, was mid air when the crew detected some problem with the weather radar, prompting the plane to divert. The plane landed uneventfully. All... »

Jeju Air Flight Diverts to Iwo Jima Airbase

By George Hatcher

Jeju Air flight 7C-3402 had to make an emergency landing at Iwo Jima Airbase in Iwo Jima, Japan, on March 4th. The plane was en-route from Seoul, South Korea, to Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, when the crew shut down right hand engine due to severe vibrations and requested an emergency landing. The plane landed... »

Jeju Air Plane Makes Safe Landing in South Korea

By George Hatcher

Jeju Air flight 7C-101 returned and made a safe landing at Gimpo International Airport, Gimpo, Seoul, South Korea, on December 24. The Boeing 727-800, flying from Gimpo, to Jeju, South Korea, had to return in emergency due to loss of cabin pressure. The plane landed safely. All the passengers onboard remained safe. Download article... »

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