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Japan Airlines Flight Returns to Boston

By George Hatcher

A Japan Airlines 787 was en route from Boston to Tokyo when a maintenance indicator flashed early in the flight. Pilots returned to Boston where they made a safe landing at 6:15 p.m. The problem is being reported as a maintenance issue. Flightradar24 website shows that Japan Airlines flight 7 was over Hudson Bay... »

JAL Engine Shut Down

By George Hatcher

What: JAL Japan Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-90 en route from Sendai to Fukuoka Where: Sendai When: Aug 15th 2010 Who: 106 aboard Why: After the flight developed problems with the right engine, the pilot returned to Sendia where they made a safe landing. Passengers were provided a replacement jet. Download article as PDF »


By George Hatcher

Japan Airlines flight 471 On June 14, 1972, the DC-8 struck the banks of River Yamuna. JAL flight 471 from Tokyo to London (Tokyo-Hong Kong-Bangkok-New Delhi-Teheran-Cairo-Rome-Frankfurt-London) took-off from Bangkok. After receiving clearance for ILS approach to New Delhi Palam Airport, the aircraft crashed into the banks of Yamuna River. 86 passengers and crew onboard... »

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