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7 Injured After Cathay Pacific Flight Hits Turbulence

By George Hatcher

Cathay Pacific flight CX-157 had to divert and make an emergency landing in Manila, Philippines, on October 9th. The Airbus A350-900 plane heading from Hong Kong, China, to Brisbane, Australia, was diverted after it encountered severe turbulence that injured six crew members and one passenger. The plane landed safely. The injured were taken to... »

Small Plane Crashes into Virginia Home; 3 Injured

By George Hatcher

A small plane crashed into a home in Topping, Virginia, on October 7th. Authorities said the plane struck two trees and crashed into a home, shortly after departing Hummel Field. There were three people aboard, including two adults and a juvenile. All of them sustained minor injuries and were taken to Rappahannock General Hospital. No... »

Small Plane Crashes Near Quilcene, WA; 1 Killed, 1 Injured

By George Hatcher

A small plane crashed in the Buck Mountain area near Quilcene, Washington, on September 29th. Authorities said the plane was carrying two people when it went down. One person was killed in the crash. The other occupant of the plane was injured and was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center, Seattle. The NTSB is investigating.... »

Small Plane Crashes in Ocala National Forest

By George Hatcher

A small plane crashed in Ocala National Forest, Florida, on September 28th. Authorities said the plane went down in a densely-wooded area in the 7400 block of County Road 314A. The pilot, who was the only one aboard, was taken to Ocala Regional Medical Center. He was identified as Herb Francis Clark Jr., 71,... »

Small Plane Crashes in San Diego; Three Injured

By George Hatcher

A small plane crashed near Brown Field Municipal Airport in San Diego, California, on September 27th. The Cessna 182 plane, carrying three people, was approaching the airport when it went down. All three occupants of the plane escaped with minor injuries. Download article as PDF »

Massachusetts-Bound Delta Airlines Plane Encounters Turbulence; 2 Injured

By George Hatcher

Delta Airlines flight DL-1843 made a safe landing at General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport, Boston, Massachusetts, on September 21st. The Boeing 737-900 flying from Salt Lake City, Utah, was mid-air when it encountered turbulence. Two people sustained altitude deviation injuries. The plane landed safely. Download article as PDF »

Delta Airlines Flight Hits Turbulence Near New York; 1 Injured

By George Hatcher

Delta Airlines flight DL-4147 encountered severe turbulence near New York, on September 19th. The plane was heading from LaGuardia Airport, New York, to Nashville, Tennessee, when it hit turbulence that injured a passenger. The plane continued to Nashville and landed uneventfully. Download article as PDF »

Small Plane Crashes in Beaver County, PA; 2 Injured

By George Hatcher

A small plane crashed into a tree in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, on September 16th. Authorities said the Piper J3C-65 plane went down in the 200 block of McKenzie Road, Hanover. There were two people aboard at the time, both of them were injured. They were taken to Allegheny General Hospital. Download article as PDF »

Virgin Australia Flight Hits Turbulence Near Adelaide; Two Injured

By George Hatcher

Virgin Australia flight VA-233 encountered severe turbulence near Adelaide, Australia, on September 13th. The Boeing 737-800 plane flying from Melbourne, Australia, was descending toward Adelaide when it was hit by turbulence that injured two flight attendants. The plane landed safely. The injured flight attendants were taken to hospital. Download article as PDF »

Smoke From APU Prompts Evacuation of Bhutan Airlines Plane at Kolkata Airport

By George Hatcher

Bhutan Airlines flight B3-700 was evacuated at Kolkata Airport in West Bengal, India, on September 9th. The Airbus A319-100 plane was preparing to depart for Bangkok, Thailand, when smoke was noticed emanating from the APU. The crew initiated an emergency evacuation. About twenty people were injured and were treated at the airport. Download article... »

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