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Eva Air Plane makes Safe Landing in Philippines after Punctured Flaps

By George Hatcher

Eva Air flight BR-271 made a safe landing at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila, Philippines, on July 18th. The Boeing 747-400 flying from Taipei, Taiwan had vacated the runway at a high speed, puncturing its right side flaps. The plane landed safely. No one was injured. Download article as PDF »

Aeroflot Airbus Rejects Takeoff in Russia due to Bird Ingestion

By George Hatcher

Aeroflot flight SU-1165 had to abort taking off at Rostov-on-Don Airport, Russia, on October 29. The Airbus A320-200, en-route to Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow, Russia, rejected takeoff at a high speed after one of its engines ingested a bird. The plane landed uneventfully. No one was injured. Download article as PDF »

Southwest Airlines Jet Rejects Take Off after Bird Strike

By George Hatcher

Southwest Airlines flight WN-386 had to reject take off from San Jose International Airport, California, on October 27. The Ontario-bound Boeing 737-300 plane was accelerating for take off when its right hand engine ingested a bird, prompting the crew to reject take off at a high speed. The plane safely returned to the apron.... »

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