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Vietnam Airlines Plane makes Hard Landing in Vietnam

By George Hatcher

Vietnam Airlines flight VN-7344 made a hard landing at Cam Ranh International Airport, Cam Ranh, Vietnam, on April 29th. The Airbus A321-200 flying from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, was cleared to land on runway 20R, but it touched down on runway 20L which was under construction. The plane rolled out, and its engines... »

Skywest Plane makes Hard Landing in Colorado

By George Hatcher

Skywest Airlines flight OO-5869 made a hard landing at Denver International Airport, Colorado, on July 2nd. The Canadair CRJ-700 flying from Aspen, Colorado, had just landed when flames appeared from the ground and its left engine. The passengers were deplaned rabidly via stairs. No injuries were reported. Download article as PDF »

My Indo Airlines Plane makes Hard Landing in Indonesia due to Tyres Burst

By George Hatcher

A My Indo Airlines’ freight flight made a hard landing at Wamena Airport, Papua, Indonesia, on July 1st. The Boeing 737-200 flying from Jayapura, Indonesia, rolled out after landing on the runway, and turned around to the backtrack due to tyres burst. The plane was carrying 4 crew members, and 12 tons of fuel... »

Peruvian Airlines Plane makes Hard Landing in Peru after Tyre Burst

By George Hatcher

Peruvian Airlines flight P9-112 made a hard landing at Francisco Carle Airport, Jauja, Peru, on May 1st. The Boeing 737-500 flying from Lima, Peru, had just landed when its left main tyre burst. All 90 passengers aboard remained safe. The tyre was replaced immediately. Download article as PDF »

Garuda Plane Veers off Runway in Indonesia

By George Hatcher

Garuda flight GA-258 made a hard landing at Adisutjipto International Airport, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, on February 1st. The Boeing 737-800 flying from Jakarta, Indonesia, veered off the runway upon landing and stopped with all gears. The aircraft was damaged. No injuries were reported. Download article as PDF »

Trigana Air Service Freighter Plane makes Hard Landing in Indonesia

By George Hatcher

Trigana Air Service flight IL-7321 made a hard landing at Wamena Airport, Papua, Indonesia, on September 13th. The Boeing 737-300 freighter en-route from Jayapura, Indonesia, touched down at the runway very hard in a nose high position. The right main gear of the plane collapsed and it slid on its nose gear. All 3... »

TAP Portugal makes Hard Landing in Denmark due to Lost Communication

By George Hatcher

TAP Portugal flight TP-752 made a hard landing at Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, Denmark, on July 15th. The Airbus A320-200 flying from Lisbon, Portugal was mid-air when it lost contact with the ATC. The plane landed safely. No one was injured. Download article as PDF »

Okay Airways’ Tail Scrapes on Runway Surface upon Landing in China

By George Hatcher

Okay Airways flight BK-2823 made a hard landing at Nanning Wuxu International Airport, Nanning, China, on May 10th. The Boeing 737-900, flying from Xian, China, got its tail scraped on the surface of the runway upon landing. The plane rolled out without further incident. All people onboard remained unharmed. Download article as PDF »

Cebu Pacific Airbus makes Hard Landing in Philippines

By George Hatcher

Cebu Pacific flight 5J-629 made a hard landing at Sibulan Airport/ Dumaguete Airport, Sibulan, Philippines, on April 26. The Airbus A320-200, flying from Manila, Philippines, was mid-air when the crew noticed a hydraulic leak in one of its main gears. There were also found some leaves and branches in the gear. The plane landed... »

Allegiant Airlines Plane makes Safe Landing in Arizona after Engine Failure

By George Hatcher

Allegiant Airlines flight 175 made a safe landing at Phoenix- Mesa Gateway Airport, Mesa, Arizona, on April 28th. The aircraft, en-route to Arizona, was mid-air when the crew reported engine failure, and had to struggle hard to gain altitude before landing. The plane landed successfully. All 137 people onboard remained unharmed. The incident remains... »

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