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Asiana Airlines Plane makes Hard Landing in Japan

By George Hatcher

Asiana Airlines flight OZ-116 made a hard landing at Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan, on December 1. The Boeing 767-300, flying from Seoul, South Korea, was about to land when he crew noticed an indication of some issue with its left side main gear. The plane landed safely. All 149 people aboard remained unhurt.... »

AA214 Crash: Asiana Airlines Faces 45-Day Ban on Incheon-San Francisco Flights

By George Hatcher

On November 14, the officials from South Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said they will ban Asiana Airlines flights to San Francisco for 45 days, as a punishment for 2013 crash. The Asiana Flight 214 crashed during final approach to San Francisco International Airport in July last year and claimed 3 lives... »

Asiana Airlines Plane Crash Update: Plane was Flying too Slow

By George Hatcher

Recent documents released by the federal investigators reveal Asiana Airlines’ stance on the San Francisco plane crash that happened on July 6, last year. The documents are a part of the report submitted by Asiana Airlines to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). In the report, the airline has acknowledged that the slow speed... »

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