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PAWA Dominicana Airlines Flight Returns to Puerto Rico after Engine Failure

By George Hatcher

PAWA Dominicana Airlines flight 7N-750 had to return and make an emergency landing in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on December 9th. The plane took off for Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, but had to return shortly afterwards due to failure of left engine. The plane landed safely. There were 112 people aboard at the time;... »

UTair Aviation Plane Makes Safe Landing in Russia after Emergency Alarm

By George Hatcher

UTair Aviation flight UT-247 had to return and make a safe landing at Vnukovo International Airport, Moscow, Russia, on March 20. The Boeing 737-800, flying from Moscow to Surgut, Russia, was mid-air when the crew reported emergency alarm signalling engine vibration, prompting the plane to return. The plane landed safely. All 112 people on... »

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