Spirit Airlines Emergency Landing

Sunday, March 13, 2016
By George Hatcher

The FAA is investigating a Spirit Airlines fight that diverted to Myrtle Beach to make an emergency landing, and stranded some two hundred passengers at the airport. By Sunday morning, passengers had managed to get a flight to their destination, Atlantic City NJ.

Spirit Airlines Flight 348, an Airbus A320, was en route from Tampa to Atlantic City when it had to make the emergency diversion.

The image below is an A320 interior posted on the Spirit Airlines website which they say is “for editorial use. They are not for commercial use. Photo credit must be given to Spirit Airlines.” However, their site has no mention that I can find of the emergency landing or accommodations for the passengers.

 Photo credit must be given to Spirit Airlines.

Photo credit must be given to Spirit Airlines.

In a completely separate incident, Spirit Airlines may be facing a battle in court. A claustrophobic student, Nadia Majed, filed a discrimination complaint with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights after she was kicked off the plane after requesting an available window seat.

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