Premature and Unfortunate Conclusions in Brazil

Thursday, July 26, 2007
By George Hatcher

Local media tries to claim that pilot error was responsible for the airplane crash that killed nearly 200 people in Sao Paulo last week.

The news magazine VEJA said that a short runway and a constricted area that gave little room for victims to escape contributed to the accident.

The Brazilian air force said no conclusion had been reached.

It labelled as “premature and unfortunate” any conclusion about the accident, “as long as the investigations are ongoing.”

On July 17, a TAM airline Airbus 320 carrying 187 people overran the runway, crossed a road and slammed into an airport building.

The left turbine was thrust in reverse and was helping the airplane slow down, the right one was accelerating.

Key information has been obtained from the airplane’s black boxes.

The runway, which had been closed has now reopened Friday.

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