Pilot crashes in La Porte Soybean Field

Friday, September 19, 2008
By George Hatcher

What: Delivering new plane to Minnesota.
Where: When the engine quit, the pilot found the La Porte County soybean field. North of Indiana 4 next to Whispering Meadows subdivision, pilot executed a textbook emergency landing.
When: 9/18/2008 Thursday
Who: flight instructor/plane salesman/Pilot Anthony DeBaney
Why: Engine quit at noon Thursday. The single passenger plane dropped 4,500 feet several miles from La Porte Municipal Airport.

The pilot is quoted as saying “Planes glide when the engine quits and so you have several miles to figure out what to do”

The pilot radioed of his difficulties and described seeing a water tower and other landmarks to try and pinpoint his location. The plane’s purchaser lives north of Duluth.

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