Passenger Plane Crashed in London…. No Wait, It was only an Emergency Drill

Monday, April 28, 2014
By George Hatcher

simulated plane crashAs part of a pre-planned training exercise, more than 220 personnel from the Scotland Yard, London Ambulance Service, London Fire Brigade, Specialist Urban Search and rescue teams were called on April 26, to tackle a passenger jet plane crash in East London.

An abandoned mill in London’s Dockland was prepared as the crash site. 400 tonnes of rubble was used to cover the fuselage from Boeing 737. Real smoke and flames were used and the black box simulators were sunk in water for the dive teams to recover.

The emergency crews were not informed about the exercise beforehand, although, the local residents were made aware.

According to the LAS director of operations, Jason Killens, “Although this type of incident is extremely rare, it is important that we work together and plan now so we can continue to be well prepared for every possibility,”

The 3-day training drill, hosted by the London Fire Brigade, is believed to be the biggest of its kind in Britain.

Ron Dobson, the London Fire Commissioner said “It is only through this kind of exercise that we can fully test our plans and ensure that all the agencies which would be involved can respond effectively together, in a co-ordinated manner.’

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