NTSB Releases Safety Recommendations

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
By George Hatcher

Partial summary of what is included

  • incorporate in Aircraft Flight Manuals a committed-to-stop point in the landing sequence
  • subpart K operators and Part 142 training schools to incorporate the information
  • establish, and ensure that pilots adhere to, standard operating procedures.
  • principal operations inspectors ensure that pilots use the same checklists in operations that they used during training for normal, abnormal, and emergency conditions.
  • require manufacturers to revise existing, checklists to require pilots to clearly call out and respond with the actual flap position
  • revise/describe terms severe thunderstorms, such as “bow echo,” “derecho,” and “mesoscale convective system.”
  • revise regulations and policies to permit appropriate prescription use
  • require fatigue education (training and policy for doctors and pilots)
  • runway excursion prevention development
  • wet runway landing data information provided to pilots
  • pilot in command line checks demonstrating expertise

Safety Recommendation .pdf

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