Nigerian Helicopter Crash Kills 4

Thursday, January 28, 2010
By George Hatcher

Pictured: A South Africa – Air Force Agusta A-109E LUH. (Photo of Nigerian Navy Agusta not available)
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Contact photographer Jacobus Saayman

What: Nigerian Navy Agusta A109E Reconnaissance helicopter en route from Port Harcourt to Lago
Where: Mmiri Ochiochi swams, in Obodo Isiokpo, Port Harcourt Nigeria
When: Jan 26, 2010
Who: 4 Fatalities
Why: While en route from Warri via Brass to Port Harcourt, the helicopter crashed into a swampy area about 2 minutes flying time from Port Harcourt International Airport. Apparently naval officers on the scene prevented locals and reporters from taking photographs.

The helicopter went into a spin, and emitted a bang before crashing. Locals on the scene used a machete to hack through a door to retrieve passengers in a rescue effort.

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