Infant Abandoned on Gulf Air Flight to Manila

Monday, September 13, 2010
By George Hatcher

What: Gulf Air Airbus A330-200 en route from Bahrain Bahrain to Manila
Where: Manila, Philippines
When: Sep 12 2010
Who: abandoned infant
Why: After passengers had exited, a six pound, nine ounce newborn boy was found in the lavatory. Doctors say the infant looks healthy and normal. Airport and medical staff fed, warmed, and took care of the infant, and collected money for clothes before social welfare took him.

A female passenger left behind a seat that was bloodstained; a search is being made for her. Speculation is that baby and mother are Filipino. The infant was tentatively named George Francis after the Gulf Air’s flight code.

Until we walk in someone’s shoes, we know little of what has happened nor why. I find the actions of the mother incomprehensible–which only makes it seem more obvious to me that she was probably not in her right mind and suffering some kind of distress.

Is it hypocritical of us to hope for compassion, discretion and kindness when we’re writing about this event? All that I can say is that I hope for the best possible outcome for both mother—who is surely in need of medical care—and child.

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