Hastings Plane Crash Updates

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
By George Hatcher

TomHawkThe recent single engine Tomahawk PA38 crash in Hastings killed 46 year old Christopher Howell and 48 year old Christopher Rawlings.

Rawlings, hailing from the Clive in the Hawke’s Bay region, was an instructor at the Hawk’s Bay and East Coast Aero Club.

Howell, a fully qualified and trained pilot from UK, was flying the plane when it bursted into flames mid-air. According to Bruce Govenlock, president of Hawk’s Bay and East Coast Aero Club, Howell wanted to acquire a New Zealand license for getting employment there. He also had to appear for pilot’s validation exam later in the day.

Govenlock also said that the last radio transmission from the plane did not show any sign of trouble. The Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand is investigating the crash.

The post is an update of “Tomahawk PA38 Crashed in Hastings, 2 Dead

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