GOL Inspects Flight for Airworthiness

Wednesday, February 3, 2010
By George Hatcher

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What: GOL Transportes Aereos Boeing 737-700 en route from Bauru to Sao Paulo Brazil
Where: Bauru
When: Feb 2 2010
Who: 82 on board
Why: Prior to take-off, the engine presented an automated warning sufficient to deter the pilots from taking off. Details about the warning have not been made public although they were adequate for Gol to begin an investigation. While the original plane went into maintenance, a replacement plane was provided within four hours.

George’s Point of View

While we of course have no idea what the warning was, nor how important an issue it represented, we commend GOL for taking proactive action and responding to warning systems as they were intended to be. Hopefully maintenance will become as diligent as the crew that actually has to be in the plane aboveground.

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