FAA: Phraseology Change

Wednesday, September 15, 2010
By George Hatcher

Line Up and Wait Phraseology Change
Notice Number: NOTC2554

Beginning September 30, 2010 , the words “Line Up and Wait” will replace the words “Position and Hold” to instruct a pilot to enter the runway to await take-off clearance. Under the new “Line Up and Wait” phraseology, the controller will:

– State your call-sign;
– State the departure runway;
– State “Line Up and Wait”.

· Exercise Caution. Be aware the phrase “Traffic Holding in Position” will continue to be used to advise other aircraft that traffic has been authorized to “Line Up and Wait” on an active runway.

· REMEMBER: Never cross a hold line without explicit ATC instructions. You may not enter a runway unless you have been:

– Instructed to cross or taxi onto that specific runway
– Cleared to take off from that runway, or
– Instructed to “Line Up and Wait” on that specific runway.

Please visit: www.faa.gov/go/runwaysafety/ for more details on the change as well as to view an instructional animation explaining the new phraseology.

If in doubt ASK!

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