Crash in Nuevo Porvenir, 6 fatalities

Saturday, June 29, 2013
By George Hatcher

A Cessna 206 Stationair #XB-MSN or XB-MSI en route from Aeropuerto Internacional de Tapachula MMTP to Hermanos Serdán International Airport in Puebla crashed thirty minutes after takeoff near Nuevo Porvenir, Guatemala.

The plane was not authorized to fly in Guatemala, and crashed near the border of Mexico. No homes, buildings or outbuildings were damaged. The plane crashed in a field.

Neither the pilot nor any of the five passengers survived. Everyone aboard was apparently Mexican. Identification of the bodies will be by DNA. One description says all the young men aboard were corpulent.

Locals heard the plane crash, but access to the scene is difficult, surrounded by trees ad crops in rural San Marcos, NW Guatemala. A radio broadcast by the mayor of Ixchiguán, Augusto Merida, said the small plane fell in Nuevo Porvenir. The plane is a total loss. One wallet was found with the name Eduardo Castillo Perez. Some luggage was also found. According to flight records:

Rubén Villeda Sáinz, de 66 años;
Pilot Eduardo Castillo Pérez;
Antonio de Jesús Sánchez, 30;
Jesús Enrique Borge Luna
José Luis Camarena Rodríguez, 39;
Elio Brito Lari Cechia, 46. Venezuela

Volunteer Firefighters told local radio that the identification was based on documentation from Nuevo Porvenir.

Authorities seized $2 million aboard the plane. The luggage contained a gun, jewelry and money in pesos and dollars.

The investigation is underway.
Video below

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