Co-pilot accused of hijacking Ethiopian Airlines flight

Monday, February 17, 2014
By George Hatcher
Co-pilot accused of hijacking Ethiopian Airlines flight

The Eithiopian Airlines Boeing 757 flown from Addis Ababa to Geneva instead of its intended destination Rome was commandeered by its co-pilot, who was seeking asylum in Geneva. The co-pilot told ATC the plane was being hijacked, and after he landed, climbed down a rope from the cockpit, and told ground police forces that... »

Pilots Ignore ATC Directions, Hear Audio

Saturday, March 16, 2013
By George Hatcher

On March 11, 2013, an Air Canada Embraer ERJ-190 en route from Edmonton to Toronto,ON was on approach when ATC informed the pilots to abort the landing. Ground radar indicated something moving on the runway. Pilots continued to make the landing, and ignored ATC. Mechanics working on a Sunwing Boeing had left a van... »

Woman Dies in Venezuela Crash, Survivors Rescued

Wednesday, February 6, 2013
By George Hatcher

On Feb 2, 2013, a privately owned Beechcraft 58 Baron with six aboard crashed in the Gulf of Cariaco, Venezuela. The flight had taken off from Puerto Ordaz Airport and was en route to DelCaribe Gen S Marino Airport but suffered a complete loss of engine power. The pilot declared an emergency due to... »

Fed Ex Flight Returns to Philadelphia

Friday, September 21, 2012
By George Hatcher

What: Fed Ex Boeing 727-200 Where: Philadelphia When: September 19, 2012 11:05PM Who: Flight crew Why: Audio below of the Fed Ex flight as it turns back to Philadelphia as the number one engine loses oil. Download article as PDF »

OLT Cabin Pressure, Fire, Emergency Diversion

Friday, May 18, 2012
By George Hatcher
OLT Cabin Pressure, Fire, Emergency Diversion

Click to view full size photo at Contact photographer Pawel Cieplak What: OLT Express Airbus A320-200 en route from Warsaw to Hurghada Where: Sofia When: May 17, 2012 Who: 147 passengers and 8 crew Why: While en route, cabin lost pressure. The crew descended to save levels and diverted to Sophia. On descent,... »

US Airways Punched in the Nose Bird Strike

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
By George Hatcher
US Airways Punched in the Nose Bird Strike

Click to view full size photo at Contact photographer Cary Liao What: US Airways Boeing 757-200 en route from Philadelphia,PA to Orlando,FL Where: Orlando When: May 11th 2012 Why: The flight was en route when there was a bird strike impacting the nose. The bird made a “significant” dent in the plane. ATC... »

United Visual Landing Without Instruments, Boston

Saturday, April 28, 2012
By George Hatcher
United Visual Landing Without Instruments, Boston

Click to view full size photo at Contact photographer Jason Whitebird What: United Airlines Airbus A320-200 en route from Chicago to Boston Where: Logan International When: Oct 23, 2012 Who: 144 passengers, 5 crew Why: The pilot was on approach to Logan when he noticed a problem with his instruments. The pilot informed... »

Incapacitated Pilot Circles Gulf

Thursday, April 19, 2012
By George Hatcher
Incapacitated Pilot Circles Gulf

Updated with audio clip What: Lee H Aviation Inc. Cessna 421C en route from Slidell, La., to Sarasota, Fla. Where: Gulf of Mexico When: April 19 2012 Who: pilot Why: The plane took off normally from Slidell at 6:43 a.m., but en route lost contact with ATC and began flying in circles over the... »


Thursday, April 14, 1988
By George Hatcher

Photographer: Juerg Schmid NTSB Identification: DCA88MA054. The docket is stored on NTSB microfiche number 35379. Scheduled 14 CFR ALOHA AIRLINES, INC. Accident occurred Thursday, April 28, 1988 in MAUI, HI Probable Cause Approval Date: 06/25/1990 Aircraft: BOEING 737-297, registration: N73711 Injuries: 1 Fatal,7 Serious,57 Minor,30 Uninjured. NTSB investigators traveled in support of this investigation... »

RSS Plane Crash News

  • Breaking News: Small Aircraft En Route To New Providence 'Missing'
    #AVIATION officials confirmed on Wednesday the apparent disappearance of a small passenger aircraft, which departed Andros en route to New Providence shortly after 8am. #According to Delvin Major, director of the Accident Investigations Department in the Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority, officials ...
  • Military plane crash kills three in Turkey
    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan 24) – A Turkish army-owned CASA transport plane crashed on Wednesday killing two pilots and a technician who were on a training flight, the military said in a statement. The Spanish-Indonesian made CASA CN 235 took off before noon local time from a main ...
  • Student deaths rock the University of Pennsylvania
    It has been a rough year for me and my fellow peers at the University of Pennsylvania. In just 13 months, nine students tragically lost their lives in a variety of ways from suicide to a plane crash. Just a week ago, Blaze Bernstein, a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, was found dead, ...
  • Remains of WWII pilot to be buried in Millsboro
    Stanley Stegnerski, last seen in skies above Germany in 1944, soon will be laid to rest in Delaware. Second Lieutenant Stegnerski was a 25-year-old from Chester, Pennsylvania, and a member of the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II Nearly a year and a half after his plane's crash site was ...
  • UPDATE: Pilot injured after small plane crash on flight from Kansas to New Mexico
    SANTA FE — The National Transportation Safety Board continues their investigation of the crash of a small plane on a flight from Kansas to New Mexico. The fixed wing-single engine aircraft was unable to maintain altitude due to icing and crashed in a field approximately four miles southeast of Santa ...
  • 3 soldiers killed in Turkish military training plane crash
    ANKARA, Jan. 17 (Xinhua) -- A Turkish military CASA-type cargo plane on Wednesday afternoon crashed in the southern Anatolian province of Isparta during training exercises, killing three Turkish crew members. Turkish Armed Forces confirmed in a statement that two pilots and one technician were on ...
  • RC Plane Crash
    My brother and I flew my RC plane in Markeaton park and it crashed in the wind , ripping off the propeller and the tail. !
  • An airport security van leaves the site of a small plane crash...1 bild
    An airport security van leaves the site of a small plane crash in Saint-Geoirs, on January 5, 2013. Five people died when their private plane crashed a few moments after taking off from the Grenoble airport in southeastern France, local police said. AFP PHOTO / Jean Pierre Clatot.
  • Three Lives Lost As Military Plane Crashed In Turkey
    Three lives have been reportedly lost in a plane crash on Wednesday in southern Anatolia, Turkey. The transport plane was owned by the Turkish military. According to a statement by the Turkish army, the victims of the plane crash were all military personnel. The statement also revealed that the plane ...
  • Vince Gilligan On The Toughest Jams The 'Breaking Bad' Writers Put Walter White Into
    But then, if you're not being lazy with your storytelling, then it quickly dawns on you, “Well, it can't just be a plane crash out of the blue. That's not Drama 101. It needs to be something that the main character action's put into motion.” So you can't just have a plane crash unless Walter […]


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