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#9M-MRO Fender Bender long before Flight MH370

Saturday, March 8, 2014
By George Hatcher
#9M-MRO Fender Bender long before Flight MH370

This is not the first time we have met this Malaysia Airlines Boeing. Our first meeting with #9M-MRO was when it had a fender bender at Shanghai-Pudong International when it was taxiing and bumped the tail of a China Eastern Airlines A340 plane, B-6050. The Boeing wingtip broke off; and the tail of the... »

Emergency Sun Country Diversion to Detroit

Saturday, April 20, 2013
By George Hatcher

On April 18, 2013, on landing in Lansing Michigan, a Boeing 737 owned by SUN COUNTRY suffered an incident. Almost landing, actually. We presume gusty conditions. On approach, a wing struck the runway. The crew aborted the landing, and diverted to Detroit where they made a safe landing. There were no injuries reported and... »

Mayaguana Medical Evacuation Crash Kills 3 in Vehicle

Sunday, April 7, 2013
By George Hatcher
Mayaguana Medical Evacuation Crash Kills 3 in Vehicle

On April 4, 2013 about 12:30 am, a Leair Charter Service Limited Cessna 402C was landing in the process of a medical evacuation and collided with a parked truck being used to illuminate the runway. The pilot and passenger in the plane survived. The vehicle caught on fire, killing three occupants. The fatalities are... »

Sol Linéas Aéreas Exits Runway with Propellor, Wing Damage

Thursday, January 3, 2013
By George Hatcher
Sol Linéas Aéreas Exits Runway with Propellor, Wing Damage

What: Sol Linéas Aéreas Saab 340A en route from Mendoza to Neuquén to Comodoro Rivadavia. Where: El Plumerillo airport, Mendoza Argentina When: Jan 2, 2013 Who: 33 aboard, 30 passengers, 3 crew, no fatalities Why: On takeoff, the Sol Linéas Aéreas flight exited the runway with a jammed wheel. A wing touched the ground... »

Spicejet Wing Hits Post on Runway

Friday, December 7, 2012
By George Hatcher
Spicejet Wing Hits Post on Runway

What: SpiceJet Boeing 737-800 en route from Delhi to Hyderabad Where: Delhi-Indira Gandhi International Airport When: Dec 6 2012 Who: 142 aboard Why: During taxi, the plane’s wing struck a lamp post, canceling the flight for 142 passengers. A damaged wing will require inspection before the plane can return to service. Spicejet issued a... »

Planes Scrape at Jakarta Airport

Friday, August 24, 2012
By George Hatcher
Planes Scrape at Jakarta Airport

Click to view full size photo at Contact photographer Paul Spijkers What: Lion Air Boeing 737-900 Where: Jakarta Indonesia When: August 24, 2012, 3:35 a.m. Who: no fatalities Why: The right wing of Lion Air Boeing 737-900(PK-LFL) grazed the tail of (PK-OCU)Airfast Indonesia MD 82 which was improperly parked. (The incident appears to... »

Flight 679 Allegiant Wing Strikes Fuel Truck

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
By George Hatcher

What: Allegiant Airlines MD-83 en route from Springfield Branson Airport to Orlando Where: Sanford Florida When: May 18, 2012 19:18 Why: On the ground during taxi, the MD-83’s left wing struck a fuel truck. No injuries were reported. There was some minor damage to the airplane. Download article as PDF »

Agni Air Crash Fatalities sent to Kathmandu

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
By George Hatcher
Agni Air Crash  Fatalities sent to Kathmandu

Identification of the 15 victims of the Agni Air Crash in Nepal is going to be a difficult task, due to the condition of the remains. The six survivors have been hospitalized in from critical to serious condition. A six year old, and a nine year old along with their father, are among the... »

Fort Lauderdale: Jet Blue Bird Strike

Friday, December 3, 2010
By George Hatcher
Fort Lauderdale: Jet Blue Bird Strike

Click to view full size photo at Contact photographer Mario Aurich – AirTeamImages What: Jetblue Airbus A320-200 from Hartford to Fort Lauderdale Where: Fort Lauderdale When: Dec 2nd 2010 6:10 pm Why: The flight was landing in Fort Lauderdale when there was a bird strike which damaged the flaps. A replacement plane was... »

Lufthansa Wing Strike

Thursday, March 4, 2010
By George Hatcher
Lufthansa Wing Strike

Click to view full size photo at Contact photographer Gerry Stegmeier What: Lufthansa A320-200 en route from Munich to Hamburg Where: Hamburg When: Mar 1 2008 Who: 132 passengers and 5 crew Why: On approach to Hamburg in stormy windy (47 knot wind gusts) weather, the left wing struck the runway on an... »

RSS Plane Crash News

  • Investigators on scene Fond-du-Lac plane crash
    Left side view of the front of the ATR-42 that crashed just after taking off from the Fond du Lac airport in northern Saskatchewan on Dec. 13, 2017. Transportation Safety Board of Canada / Supplied. X. - A A +. Listen. Photos released by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) revealed the ...
  • Plane crash survivors took half an hour to pry open emergency exit
    Arson Fern had a feeling something was wrong when the ATR 42 airplane he and his family were on starting dipping from side to side. "I yelled in our language, in Dene, I said 'We're gonna crash! The plane's gonna crash!'" His wife, Janey, turned to him. "She said 'Arson, what is wrong with you?' […]
  • Pilot in Clairemont Plane Crash Had Flown Most of His Life
    The man piloting a small aircraft that suffered engine failure shortly after takeoff, crash-landing into a Clairemont home and killing two people, has been identified to NBC 7. Josh Reikes has been flying for most of his life, most recently for Sun Country Airlines, according to his LinkedIn page. Reikes was ...
  • Names Released In Calaveras Plane Crash
    Valley Springs, CA – The identities of two elderly men injured in Thursday's plane crash in Calaveras County have been released along with their conditions. As reported here Thursday afternoon, sheriff's officials stated that a witness saw the airplane flying low and believed it may have clipped a tree ...
  • Pilot, passenger identified in Calaveras County small plane crash
    VALLEY SPRINGS — Authorities identified the two men who were aboard a small plane that crashed Thursday in Calaveras County. Pilot Robert Pina, 72, of Lake Camanche and 75-year-old Richard Campbell of Pine Grove, along with a dog, were riding in the 1981 Cessna fixed-wing single-engine ...
  • At least 800-foot wreckage path left after northern Saskatchewan plane crash: TSB
    A plane crash in northern Saskatchewan left a path of wreckage extending at least 800 feet, according to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada. The West Wind Aviation plane, a twin-engine ATR-42 turboprop, went down Wednesday evening shortly after takeoff from Fond du Lac. Photos of the ...
  • Plane crash renews calls for all-season road into Fond du Lac
    The plane crash outside Fond du Lac this week should be “a wakeup call” for the provincial government to invest in all-season roads into the province's most remote communities, says the MLA who represents northwest Saskatchewan. “It's always just an expensive, dangerous proposition when you ...
  • 3 killed in Germany plane crash
    Berlin, Dec 15 : Three persons have been killed in a small plane crash in Germany, the media reported. The accident on Thursday took place in Ravensburg, in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Xinhua news agency reported. The Cessna Citation Mustang Model 510 was on its way from the ...
  • Pilot error blamed in 2016 plane crash that killed three
    SCHOHARIE COUNTY -- A pilot's inadequate pre-flight planning and failure to use all available runway on takeoff likely led to the July 2016 Schoharie County plane crash that killed a Major League Baseball official and two others, according to a final National Transportation Safety Board report issued ...
  • Bruno plane crash photos
    Bruno plane crash photos. The. carrying Brazilian club Chapecoense crashed into a Colombian hillside, killing 71 people and leaving six survivors, officials said. The world is too terrible a place to live in, not because of the bad things that happen, AN investigation is under way after a light aircraft ...


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