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Near Miss in Barcelona Captured

Monday, July 7, 2014
By George Hatcher
Near Miss in Barcelona Captured

On July 5, 2014, an Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus A340-300 (LV-FPV) headed from Barcelona,SP (Spain) to Buenos Aires,BA (Argentina) was taxiing for departure as a UTAir Boeing 767-300(VQ-BSX) en route from Moscow, Russia to Barcelona was on approach. As the video shows, it looks like a close call. The UTAIR saw the Airbus on the... »

Tatarstan Airlines License Revoked

Monday, December 23, 2013
By George Hatcher

Tatarstan Airlines operator of the Boeing 737-500 that crashed in November in Kazan only flies seven planes. (Maybe 6, now?) The one that crashed was leased from a Bulgarian company, with a history of minor accidents. Fifty people died on the Tatarstan Airlines jet that dived nose-down to a fiery grave in Kazan. The... »

Painful Search Continues in Laos

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
By George Hatcher
Painful Search Continues in Laos

photographer Teerawut W Retrieval of the Lao Airlines plane that crashed in the Mekong river on a go-around has been hampered by primitive conditions. The plane has only been in service since March 2013. The plane encountered a strong gust of wind, its nose lifted, then the ATR-72-600 impacted near Done Kho Island. Although... »

Crash in Bank Lot

Thursday, September 26, 2013
By George Hatcher
Crash in Bank Lot

On Sept 25, Kentucky doctor and his wife who were flying a GDK International LLC-owned Cirrus SR20 G2 to the Chicago area to attend a medical conference when their plane struck a tree, a light post and several cars in Bolingbrook. The pilot had aborted a landing, and never completed the go-around back to... »

Plane Crashes in South Bend

Monday, March 18, 2013
By George Hatcher

The pilot of a Montana Beechcraft Premier I Twin Jet en route from Tulsa Oklahoma attempted a landing about 4:15 p.m but aborted to make a go round. The pilot failed to return to the airport. Eight minutes later, the 7700 Enterprises-owned plane crashed near South Bend Regional Airport on March 17, 2013. The... »

Japan Airlines Landing in High Winds Suffers Tail Strike, Go-Around, No Injuries

Sunday, April 1, 2012
By George Hatcher

What: Japan Airlines Boeing 777-200 en route from Shanghai Hongqiao to Tokyo Where: Tokyo When: Mar 31st 2012 4:08 pm Who: 296 passengers, 12 crew Why: On approach to Tokyo, the plane was just above the runway when gusty wind made the pilots chose to go around. On the go-around, the tail scraped the... »

Alert! Alert! FIRST LADY in no DANGER whatsoever.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
By George Hatcher
Alert! Alert! FIRST LADY in no DANGER whatsoever.

Wake up ATC. Turn off the TV. The eyes of the media are on you again. It is the air traffic control’s responsibility to watch the distance between planes. That includes the one Michelle Obama was on. Not that she was in any danger. Please note that the reportage below is somewhat exaggerated but... »

Delta MD-88 Lands in Show of Sparks

Thursday, January 20, 2011
By George Hatcher

What: Delta Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-88en route from Atlanta,GA to Little Rock, AR Where: Little Rock When: Jan 19, 2011 Who: 78 people on board, Why: On approach to Little Rock, the plane suffered an unsafe gear indication due to a hydraulics problem, and performed a go round for visual confirmation. The approach was... »

Emirates Landing in Manchester

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
By George Hatcher

What: Emirates Airlines Airbus A380-800 en route from Dubai to Manchester Where: Manchester When: Sep 6th 2010 Why: After a hard touchdown into gusting winds, the crew elected to perform a go-around. Although the pilot’s 2nd attempt at a landing was more successful, the plane’s later flight was delayed due to maintenance. Download article... »

Transaero Go-round

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
By George Hatcher
Transaero Go-round

Click to view full size photo at Airliners.net Contact photographer Erezms What: Transaero Boeing 737-400 en route from Moscow to Tel Aviv Where: Tel Aviv When: Dec 15th 2009 Who: 102 passengers and 7 crew Why: On approach to Tel Aviv, twice the plane received re-directs, and in both cases, the flight made a... »

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