LAX Conducts Plane Crash Drill to Test Emergency Response Time

Thursday, April 14, 2016
By George Hatcher

Los Angeles International Airport conducted a full-scale plane crash simulation on April 13th. The two-hour drill, which was conducted to test the emergency response time, used a Boeing 777 plane that crashed and caught fire in a debris field. Around 500 emergency personnel, including firefighters, participated in the exercise, while 150 volunteers acted as... »

Two Boeing Jets Clip at LAX

Monday, September 14, 2015
By George Hatcher
Two Boeing Jets Clip at LAX

United Airlines Flight 1199 (Boeing 737-990/ER) had just landed from Newark with 175 aboard; Alaska Airlines flight 143 (Boeing 757-224) to Portland was departing with 182 aboard when they made contact. The left hand winglet of the arriving 737 contacted the right hand horizontal stabilizer of the departing 757. Fortunately the Alaska jet was... »

Canadair CRJ Belly Landing at LAX

Monday, May 11, 2015
By George Hatcher
Canadair CRJ Belly Landing at LAX

A SkyWest/United Express Canadair CRJ made a belly landing at Los Angeles International Airport with the left main gear not fully extended. None of the 43 aboard reported injury. The video below shows sparks on landing, with the commentators realizing on air there were not 4 aboard but a full plane. The video has... »

Menzies Aviation Fined by Cal/OSHA Following Death of LAX Airport Worker

Friday, August 22, 2014
By George Hatcher

Following the death of a Los Angeles International Airport worker in February, Cal/OSHA has issued citations and imposed a fine of $77,250 on Menzies Aviation for allegedly violating 1 regulatory, 1 serious and 3 serious-accident related state safety codes. On February 21, Cesar Valenzuela, a 51-year-old LAX worker employed by Menzies, was thrown out... »

LAX Shooting update, Shooter’s name released

Friday, November 1, 2013
By George Hatcher
LAX Shooting update, Shooter’s name released

Update: In the shooting incident at LAX, one fatality has been reported and six others were injured. The shooter, identified as 23 year old Paul Ciancia, was wearing fatigues and carrying anti government literature saying that “he wanted to kill TSA and pigs.” Some victims were hospitalized at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. According... »

LAX: TSA Shooting

Friday, November 1, 2013
By George Hatcher
LAX: TSA Shooting

A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent was shot at a Terminal 3 checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport. Swat responded. Los Angeles Police Department put LAX on tactical alert. An evacuation of the airport followed. All planes with flights heading to the airport were held at their points of origin. The incident began at... »

LAX Terminal 1 improvements to the tune of $400 Million

Thursday, January 17, 2013
By George Hatcher
LAX Terminal 1 improvements to the tune of $400 Million

Although Southwest has outstanding legal claims against Los Angeles World Airports, the following items are are on the table: Southwest Airlines will build a new checked baggage security system improve passenger security checkpoints refresh passenger waiting areas refurbish the baggage claim area construct new passenger boarding bridges renovate the terminal lobby Los Angeles World... »

Cerritos: Aeromexico Shattered Lives

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
By George Hatcher

In George’s Point of View It is a strange, sad phenomenon how tragedies live on. On August 31, 1986, a Piper and a Douglas DC-9-32 collided over Cerritos California. The Piper, carrying the pilot and two passengers was going from Torrence to Big Bear. They departed Torrence at 11:46. The DC-9 from Mexico City... »

LAX Turbulence Injures Flight Attendant

Thursday, September 30, 2010
By George Hatcher

What: Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 en route from San Francisco to Los Angeles Where: Los Angeles When: Sep 29th 2010 Who: flight attendant Why: On approach to LA, the Boeing encountered turbulence. A flight attendant sustained minor injuries. Download article as PDF »

LAX Cautionary American Airlines Landing

Saturday, August 14, 2010
By George Hatcher
LAX Cautionary American Airlines Landing

Click to view full size photo at Contact photographer Thomas Posch What: American Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-82 en route from Los Angeles to Dallas Where: LAX When: August 14 2010 Who: 146 passengers Why: After take-off, flight indicators revealed an engine problem. The pilot landed safely at LAX about 3/4 of an hour... »

RSS Plane Crash News

  • 2 dead in western Wyoming plane crash
    KUTV in Salt Lake City, Utah, reports the plane crashed around 3 p.m. Sunday a mile north of Evanston. Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor says the single-engine plane was a Socata TBM-700. Unita County sheriff's officials said Monday the plane is registered to William and ...
  • Probable victims of plane crash near Utah border identified
    According to the Uintah County Sheriff's Office, in Wyoming, the plan is registered to William Patterson, with an Evanston, Wyoming address. The office said it is believed Michelle Patterson and William Patterson are the two people who were killed in the crash with no survivors. The county coroner, the ...
  • Iran Plane Crash
    The search for the Aseman Airlines plane that crashed in bad weather in Iran on Sunday continues, after earlier unconfirmed reports the aircraft had been fou...
  • Search for Iranian plane crash site halted
    Aseman Airlines flight EP3704 disappeared on Sunday morning in the Zagros mountains with 66 people on board. Updated Updated 1 hour ago. Iranian rescue teams were forced to suspend their hunt for a missing passenger plane for a second night on Monday as severe weather and hazardous ...
  • Cause of plane crash revealed
    National Transportation Safety Board investigators have made a preliminary report explaining what they believe caused a fatal plane crash near Oldenburg in December that killed pilot Dr. Louis Cantilena, 63, Potomac, Maryland; his daughter Dr. Amy Cantilena, 31, Potomac, Maryland; family friend Dr.
  • Iranian rescue teams search for plane wreckage
    Iranian search and rescue teams on Monday reached the site of a plane crash that authorities say killed all 65 people on board, Iran's Press TV has reported.
  • Commercial Plane Crashes in Southern Iran, Killing 66 People
    Meteorologist Orelon Sidney explains how bad weather could have been the cause for a deadly plane crash in Iran. At a Glance. An Iranian commercial plane crashed on Sunday in southern Iran. All 65 people on board were killed in the crash. Foggy conditions were blamed for the crash into Mount ...
  • Iran plane crash: Officials say plane crash has been found
    Iran plane crash: Officials say plane crash has been found.
  • Rescue Team Finds Wreckage From Iranian Plane Crash
    A rescue helicopter flies over the Dena mountains, Iran, searching for wreckage of a plane. February 19, 2018.Ali Khodaei/Tasnim News Agency via AP. Trump's catch-22 with Iran and the Palestinians could blow up at Israel · Putin's Syrian dilemma: Back Israel or Iran? Not just a gimmick: Netanyahu's ...
  • 66 feared dead as plane crashes in Iran mountains
    Aseman Airlines flight EP3704 left Tehran around 0800 (local time) for the city of Yasuj, some 500km to the south, the airlines public relations chief Mohammad Tabatabai told state broadcaster IRIB.


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