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Madrid Crash Case Should Be Tried Here, Not Stuck in Spanish Amber

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
By George Hatcher
Madrid Crash Case Should Be Tried Here, Not Stuck in Spanish Amber

March coverage included the news of Central District of California U.S. District Judge Gary Allen Feess dismissing the case against McDonnell Douglas (and component manufacturers) because he believed the litigation of the airline crash case should be moved to Spain. Spanair Flight JK 5022, the deadliest Spanish accident in the last 20 years, killed... »

Spanair Cause Inconclusive

Friday, October 10, 2008
By George Hatcher
Spanair Cause Inconclusive

So far there have been no groundbreaking discoveries regarding the cause of the Aug. 20 Spanair crash beyond what was known originally: a problem with the plane’s wing flaps and the failure of a cockpit alarm, evidence of which is backed up by the plane’s black boxes. The plane’s history indicates that this was... »

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