Plane Crash in Ontario

Thursday, October 18, 2012
By George Hatcher

What: Lake LA-250 Renegade Where: South of Pickle Lake Airport CYPL, Ontario When: Oct 16, 2012 Who: 4 aboard, 3 fatalities Why: A plane on a ferry flight to new owners landing at Pickle Lake Airport and crashed three kilometers past the end of the runway in a wooded area. At two a.m. a... »

Small Planes Collide, 5 Fatalities, Mile of Debris

Sunday, May 13, 2012
By George Hatcher
Small Planes Collide, 5 Fatalities, Mile of Debris

What: Bourgault Industries Piper PA-28 Cherokee What: Lake LA-4-200 Buccaneer amphibious plane Where: Brieux, Saskatchewan When: May 12, 2012 Who: 5 fatalities Why: Two men and a boy were aboard the Piper PA-28 en route from Calgary to St. Brieux to pick up plane parts; and a woman and man were aboard the amphibious... »

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  • #Aviationsafety Fumes aboard Alaska Airlines 737 Seattle-Boston. flight crew declared emergency due to air quality.
    about 4 hours ago
  • #Aviationsafety Tri-M.G Boeing 737 freight flight suffers runway excursion on landing at Wamena Indonesia
    about 4 hours ago
  • #Aviationsafety United B744 at Frankfurt Passengers faint from faulty air conditioning. Passengers required medical attention from heat.
    about 4 hours ago
  • #Aviationsafety Allegiant B752 at Cincinnati. Engine cowl detaches,damages upper wing.Crew stopped the climb&returned to Covington Airport.
    about 4 hours ago
  • #aviationsafety ThomasCook B753 at Hurghada.Loud bang followed by smoke results in evacuation onto runway prior to departure. 251 pax 9 crew
    about 4 hours ago