NTSB Says Aggressive Test Flight Schedule, Overlooked Errors Led to Stall and Crash

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
By George Hatcher
NTSB Says Aggressive Test Flight Schedule, Overlooked Errors Led to Stall and Crash

Oct. 10, 2012 The National Transportation Safety Board determined today that the probable cause of the crash of an experimental Gulfstream G650 on April 2, 2011, in Roswell, N.M., was the result of an aerodynamic stall and uncommanded roll during a planned takeoff test flight conducted with only one of the airplane’s two engines... »

David Disiere Southlake Aviation Awarded $32-Million Damages in Congo Gold Smuggling Case

Monday, September 24, 2012
By George Hatcher

In a civil trial that sounded like a real life James Bond spy novel, a Dallas County Jury awarded Southlake Aviation, owned by Dallas business executive David Disiere, $32.4 million in damages against Houston based oil company, CAMAC International, its subsidiary CAMAC Aviation, and Mickey Lawal CAMAC’s Vice President of African Operations. The case... »

Hendrick Doubletake: Motorsports Crash Landing

Friday, November 4, 2011
By George Hatcher
Hendrick Doubletake: Motorsports Crash Landing

What: Hendrick Gulfstream G150 en route to Key West Where: Key West When: Nov 1, 2011 7:58 Who: Rick and Laura Hendric, pilot and copilot Why: On landing in Key West, the plane had no brakes and skidded off the safety area. Those on board had minor injuries and were taken to Lower Keys... »

Klutzy Inspector Breaks Plane

Friday, February 12, 2010
By George Hatcher

In Khartoum , a South African Inspector inspecting South African-registered aircraft noticed a Gulfstream II aircraft not under his jurisdiction, and after he boarded, damaged the door when trying to close it. The vehicle that sustained damage was Thabo Mbeki’s charter plane. Mbeki is a South African politician who served two terms as president... »

New Gulfstream G650 Completes 1st Flight

Friday, November 27, 2009
By George Hatcher
New Gulfstream G650 Completes 1st Flight

SAVANNAH, Ga., November 25, 2009 — Gulfstream Aerospace, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), today announced that its newest business jet and the flagship of its fleet, the ultra-large-cabin, ultra-long-range Gulfstream G650, successfully completed its first flight. Flown by experimental test pilot Jake Howard and senior experimental test pilot Tom Horne,... »

Airbourne Charter Gulfstream, 18 lost

Thursday, March 29, 2001
By George Hatcher
Airbourne Charter Gulfstream, 18 lost

Click to view full size photo at Contact photographer Andreas Dürr What: Airbourne Charter, Inc Gulfstream III en route from Los Angeles to Aspen, Colorado Where: Aspen, Colorado When: March 29, 2001 Who: 2 pilots, 1 flight attendant, and 15 passengers Why: On March 29, 2001, about 1901:57 mountain standard time, a Gulfstream... »

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