Bumpy Brazil Air Leaves American Airlines Flight All Shook up

Monday, January 23, 2012
By George Hatcher

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What: American Airlines Boeing 757-200 en route from Recife, Brazil to Miami,FL
Where: Brazil
When: Jan 22nd 2012
Who: 136 passengers, 9 crew
Why: A couple of hours into the flight, the crew ran into some turbulence.

It was severe turbulence that according to passengers “felt like the floor fell out from under,” and which knocked around a couple of flight attendants. A number of unseat-belted people hit the ceiling, including a flight attendant who actually knocked a hole in the ceiling before her trolley landed on her. (I presume she’s one of the five who went to the hospital.) Those trolleys look heavy.

The extent of injuries was not released, but it was apparently not severe enough that they had to scramble to divert to somewhere in the Brazilian bush.

One of the passengers happened to be an ER doctor, and he administered first aid. A number of the uninjured were said to be hysterical.

Miami-Dade Fire Department and Airport Fire and Rescue were on the scene. In Miami, five flight attendants went straight into ambulances and one was treated at the airport.

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