Bolivian Plane Crashes, Killing , Passenger Manifest

Sunday, November 3, 2013
By George Hatcher

An Aerocon Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner en route from the Teniente Jorge Henrich Arauz Airport developed a problem as it caught fire upon landing at 4 p.m. at Riberalta Airport.

Three officials of the Governorate of Beni were aboard.

The Bolivian aircraft came to rest wheels up and was consumed by the fire.

Of the sixteen passengers and two crew, eight aboard sustained fatal injuries. The pilot and copilot survived but are in grave condition. Riberalta Hospital had previously reported eight dead and six wounded. The dead were significantly burned and will have to be identified through DNA.

The rainfall was heavy as the plane landed, and may have exacerbated the pilot’s difficulty.

Eight of the injured were taken to the hospital Riberalta while two took him to the clinic December 4. While the pilots were evacuated to the city of Guayaramerín and then transferred to Santa Cruz.

Weather about the time of the accident (16:00 LT / 20:00 Z):
SLRI 032100Z 19005KT 3000 -RA BKN004 FEW020CB OVC070 24/24 Q1009
SLRI 031900Z 15008KT 5000 VCSH BKN015 FEW020CB BKN200 28/23 Q1010


1.- Oscar Adrés Tacata Sossa
2.- Alejandra Azad Lazo
3.- Leslie Pérez Gil
4.- Zenón Peréz Ramírez
5.- Jenny Gutiérrez Farah
6.- Cecilia Tapia Salinas ( copiloto)
7.- Kevin Roca Alpire ( Piloto)
8.- Jorge Ernesto Morán Cruz
9.- Jackeline Ruiz Suárez
10.- Luis Alberto Suárez Velarde

1.- Fernando Chacón
2.- Daniel Ishita Guarena
3.- Herlan Rodríguez
4.- Rober Suárez Vargas
5.- Shirley Ojopi Carrillo
6.- Maria Georgia Saucedo
7.- Rosio Álvarez Azad (menor de seis años)
8.- Rodrigo Molina Peñaloza

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