Aviation Oriented Jobs Projections

Friday, March 22, 2013
By George Hatcher

Food for Sequestration thoughts:

  • Closing small airports.
  • Cut FAA Funding.
  • Cut 168 contractor-staffed air traffic control towers nationwide on April 1
  • Cut 21 (more) towers by Sept. 30.
  • Cut passenger and cargo capacity.
  • Cut Up to 132,000 aviation jobs.
  • Cut $80 billion a year from the nation’s gross domestic product
  • Cut two billion pounds of freight capacity

Aviation Jobs are still in demand, but expect inevitable cuts especially with new hires.

American Airlines advertising vacancies for 1,500 flight attendants and got 22,000 applications. US Airways got about 20,000 applications for 420 vacancies. Delta announced an opening for some four hundred flight attendants. Over 50,000 people applied for the job. According to AVjobs, a flight attendant makes between $14.50 and $20.49 per hour. An A & P Mechanic makes between $16.47 and $30 per hour. A mechanical engineer makes between $45,000 and $90,000 per year. A member of the flight crew makes between $24,000.00 and $100,000 per year. *

United Airlines Extends SF International Maintenance Op Center Lease
United Airlines is now committed for ten years to the San Francisco Airport area. UA and the San Francisco Airport Commission signed a ten year extension on the airline’s existing Maintenance Operations Center at San Francisco International Airport. The 130-acre San Francisco Maintenance Operations Center employs about 3,500 maintenance workers. According to United’s senior VP of tech, “The lease extension on our San Francisco Maintenance Operations Center benefits our people, our customers and the Bay Area. United’s investment underscores our commitment to San Francisco, the Maintenance Operations Center and its role in supporting the industry’s premier trans-Pacific hub.”

In George’s Point of View

I agree with Harrison Ford.

Harrison Ford said “Accidents are going to happen.”

Accidents have been happening all along. Expect more of them.

*Data from AV Jobs

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