Aripuanã Plane Crash kills Pilot and 3 passengers, including 2 Civil Servants

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
By George Hatcher


On April 6, 2013, an Embraer EMB-720D Minuano #PT-ROS en route from Aripuanã to Colniza, Mato Grosso went missing. A pilot saw the wreckage and called it in to Civil police before the official search began, which was set to begin on Monday. The wreckage was reported on Monday April 7, along with the remains of the pilot and three passengers. Two of the victims, Elias Borges Nogueira and Alexsandro Pereira da Silva were going to be in service in the region. The pilot and a local farmer were the other two victims. One of those aboard was found feet away from the plane, and had no burns.

The wreckage was discovered in an area of difficult access.

Aripuanã has no fire department, and the recovery work is being done by Aripuanã police. The remains were held at the local mortuary until being shipped to the Forensic Institute by Integrated Air Operations Center (Ciopaer).

The government statement said that they will be giving full support to the families.

The statement of the Secretary of Environment of Mato Grosso, José Lacerda, confirmed that the plane#PT-ROS crashed shortly after takeoff on Sunday. “They are Cuiaba and were on a survey of regional programming in the areas of Aripuanã, Colniza and New World.”

The police are speculating that the plane may have lost parts in the air, although we do not know if this is supported by the photographic evidence we have seen. (i.e. if the plane is intact now in pictures, it was likely intact in the air.) Also, the weather was rainy and windy at the time the plane went missing.

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