AeroPeru Crashes in Pacific

Wednesday, October 2, 1996
By George Hatcher

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What: Aeroperú Boeing 757-23A en route from Lima, Peru to Santiago Chile.
Where: 73 km (45.6 mls) NW off Lima, Peru in the Pacific Ocean
When: October 2, 1996
Who: 9 crew members, 61 passengers died
Why: On October 2, 1996, Aeroperú Boeing 757 en route from Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima, Peru (LIM), to Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport in Santiago, Chile, crashed on October 2, 1996. Shortly after takeoff the crew discovered that their instrumentation was behaving erratically. They were receiving contradictory serial emergency messages from the onboard computer, such as rudder ratio, mach speed trim, overspeed, underspeed and flying too low. The crew declared an emergency and requested an immediate return to the airport. they experienced multiple stalls resulting in rapid loss of altitude with no corresponding altimeter changes. While the altimeter indicated an altitude of approximately 9,700 feet, but the aircraft’s true altitude was much closer to the water.

The air traffic controller sent a Boeing 707 to help guide the 757 to land, but before the 707 reached them, the 757’s wingtip struck the water approximately twenty-five minutes after emergency declaration. The pilots realized the true altitude of the airliner, struggled and was briefly airborne again for twenty seconds, but then crashed inverted into the water. All nine crew members and sixty-one passengers died.

In Peru, Eleuterio Chacaliaza was sentenced to negligent homicide for a piece of masking tape accidentally left over the static ports (on the bottom side of the fuselage) after cleaning the aircraft.
Those aboard:
1.- José Luis Bovadilla Fernández (México)
2.- Jaime Brito Guzmán (Chile)
3.- Abraham Broidman (México)
4.- Mario Cayetano Bramont (Perú)
5.- Eugenio Campos (México)
6.- María Carrasco Flórez Aráoz (Chile)
7.- Guillermo Serveto (Gran Bretaña)
8.- Manuel Chang Ching (Perú)
9.- Fabio Chaparro Beltrán (Colombia)
10.- Víctor Choe Gallardo (Perú)
11.- Javier Cuéllar Cantú (Perú)
12.- Barbara Delano (Chile)
13.- James Degeren (Chile)
14.- Miguel Degeren (Chile)
15.- Juan Huerdo (México)
16.- Galen Canusev (Estados Unidos)
17.- Nis Linden (Estados Unidos).
18.- Dani Manzur (Chile)
19.- Patricio Marambio (Chile)
20.- Luis Morán Morante (Perú)
21.- Raúl Peña Rojas (Chile)
22.- Guillermo Quiroz (Perú)
23.- Juan Alvarado Allende (Chile), deportado a su país por poseer documentación falsa bajo el nombre de Gerardo Sánchez, de Venezuela
24.- Eduardo Smith Inope (Perú)
25.- Denis Trial (Estados Unidos)
26.- Kelen Vaisman (Estados Unidos)
27.- Janet Vallejos Robinson (Perú)
28.- Luis Vergara Bernales (Perú)
29.- Pedro Villena Hidalgo (Perú)
30.- Genaro Mar (México). Personas que se embarcaron en Quito:
1.- Renato Cisotto (Italia)
2.- Hernán Barriga Guzmán (Chile)
3.- Isidro Huarache (Perú)
4.- Juan Hurache (Perú)
5.- Mario Jiménez Borja (Ecuador)
6.- Arístides Noboa (Ecuador)
7.- Mark Bram (Gran Bretaña)
8.- Lan Lock (Nueva Zelandia)
9.- Rodrigo Fernández Ruiz (España)
10.- Tiziana Tamaro (Italia).
Personas en tránsito de Miami a Santiago (todos chilenos)
1.- Juan Awad
2.- Mario Awad
3.- Carolina Acevedo
4.- Carmen Arancibia
5.- Daniel Boleli
6.- Sara Díaz
7.- Jaime Duque del Río
8.- Emir Agana
9.- Ricardo Alex
10.- Martín Sadued
11.- María Eterpuer
12.- Luis Medina
13.- Eduardo Román
14.- Elena Saavedra
15.- María Saavedra
16.- Carlos Serán
17.- Alfonso Uldurraga
18.- Carmen Concha
19.- Ana Concha
20.- Jimena Paya
21.- Martha Contreras.
1.- Capitán Erick Shereiber, piloto.
2.- David Fernández, copiloto.
3.- María Angela Casabo
4.- Carolina López
5.- Roxana Mino
6.- Ana Contreras
7.- Gema Brussone
8.- Silvia Barreto
9.- Nancy Fernández.

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