3 Dead in Ukrainian Military Helicopter Crash

Monday, June 23, 2014
By George Hatcher

helicopterThree people lost their lives after an on-duty Ukrainian military helicopter crashed in Kharkov Region of eastern Ukraine.

According to the Interior Ministry of the Ukraine, “On June 21, the regional Interior Ministry department unit received a report from the search and rescue emergencies center’s officer on duty stating that a Mil Mi-8T helicopter of the Ukrainian emergency situations state service with a crew of three people on board has disappeared from radar in the vicinity of the village of Vasishchevo of the Kharkov Region.”

The wreckage of the Mi-8 helicopter was later found on June 22 in a forest near the Chuguevsky district of Kharkov.

Authorities believe a violation or violations of air traffic rules to be the primary reason of the crash.

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